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Three Pack Fund RaisingHere are the members of the Three Pack Funds fund raising team.

Jill Bodette
My name is Jill Bodette. I have lived in Southern California most my life. My love of animals goes back to toddler years, always having cats and dogs as part of our family. Most of my adult life, I have donated and volunteered for various animal groups with a desire to do more. I have enlisted the help of a small team to do some big things. . . Hence, 3 Pack Funds was born.

Pam Gram
From the age of two, I have always had animals in my life. I am the "cat lady" of the group; and, over the course of 50 some odd years, have owned over 32+ cats. With the exception of a few litter kitties, all of the cats I've owned have been adopted, literally, off the streets or through kill shelters. My love of cats also extends to horses; and, while I don't have any, I do love dogs as well.

Dog Adoption Column SpacerGypsy looking for love!
Gypsy is a Mountain Cur, a breed from Tennessee, bred to hunt squirrel and raccoon. Gypsy was adopted by Jill through a family who could no longer keep her.

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